Hợp âm: We are the world

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Hợp âm bài:

We are the world

[D] There comes a time when we [G] hear a [A] certain [D] call

When the [G] world must [A] come together as [D] one

There are [Bm] people dying oh .. its [A] time to lend a [Bm] hand

To [G] life there greatest gift of [A] all

[D] We cant go on [G] pretending [A] day by [D] day

That some [G] one, some [A] where will soon make a [D] change

We are [Bm] all a part of Gods [A] great big fami- [Bm] ly

And the [G] truth, you know love is all we [A] need

We are the [G] world we are the [A] children

We are the [G] ones who make a brighter [A] day so lets start [D] giving

Theres a [Bm] choice we’re making we’re [A] saving our own [Bm] lives

its [G] true we’ll make a better [A] day just you and [D] me

[D] Send them your heart so they’ll [G] know that [A] someone [D] cares

And their [G] lives will [A] be stronger and [D] free

As [Bm] God has shown us by [A] turning stones to [Bm] bread

So we [G] all must lend a helping [A] hand

When you’re [F] down and out, there [G] seems no hope at [D] all

But if you [F] just believe theres [G] no way we can [D] fall

Let us [Bm] realize that a [G] change can only [Bm] come

When we [G] stand together as [A] one

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We are the world

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